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  • Guitar - The Spirit of Camel

    Jul 2020 - Present

    Since July 2020 Dennis has joined the Dutch Camel tribute band: The Spirit of Camel. Together with Peter Bennen (bass/keys), David Blincow (vocals), Michael Goosen (rhythm guitar/bass), Wim van Seventer (keys) & Wilco Zethof (drums).

  • Guitar - Van Bernstorff

    Apr 2020 - Aug 2020

    As from April 2020, Dennis has joined forces again with former bandmate and friend Otto Neef (bass). This time they reformed together with the larger part of the bandmembers from the band Basement: Richard Bosman (drums), Marten Krist (guitar, vocals) and Anno Muller (keyboards, vocals). The repetoire consists primarily of completely original, progressive, but yet accessible material.

  • Guitar, Vocals - Newland

    Sep 2019 - Present

    Best described as narrative, lively and creative music! In September 2019, Alex Nieuwland joined forces with four great musicians: Bert Hoekstra (bass), Ido Korstanje (drum), Peter van der wal (guitar/synth) and Dennis Wever (lead guitar).

  • Guitar - Aberration

    Apr 2018 - Apr 2019

    Aberration is the relaunch of the band Octavarium under a new name. Purely instrumental Prog-Rock extravaganza with many clear influences such as: Pink Floyd, Genesis and Rush! Musicians are: Otto Neef (bass/synth), Ido Korstanje (drums) and Dennis Wever (guitar).

  • Guitar, Vocals - The Pink Floyd Early Years Tribute Band

    Jun 2019 - Okt 2019

    The Pink Floyd Early Years Tribute Band aka Sysyphus was aimed at bringing the music of Pink Floyd from the period 1970 - 1975 as faithfully as possible to the original. Musicians: Dennis van Benthem (vocals), Edwin Lubben (keys), Otto Neef (bass, vocals), Harry Punter (drums), Dennis Wever (guitar, vocals).

  • Guitar - Clinch

    Dec 2018 - Jul 2019

    Clinch has a long musical history with their original songs but also in particular as a cover band. This time bassist Chiel Jan Vries joined forces with musicians: Jelle Ditmar (keys), Marcel Kalter (vocals), Jos Koek (drums), Erik Lammers (guitar), Dennis Wever (guitar) on the occasion of a one-off performance during the Oord Festival 2019.

  • Guitar - Octavarium

    Apr 2017 - Jan 2018

    Octavarium restarted their musical activities after the departure of their guitarist and a few years of silence. They are known for their purely instrumental Prog-Rock extravaganza with many clear influences such as: Pink Floyd, Genesis and Rush! Musicians are: Otto Neef (bass), Edwin Lubben (keys), Mike Friedman (drums) and Dennis Wever (guitar).

  • Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals - Dennis Wever

    Jan 2007 - Present

    After his so-called delerium years, Dennis Wever has been active as a songwriter since January 2007.


  • Guitars

    Black Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood neck and a faded red Gibson Les Paul Special DC.


    B.K. Butler Tube Driver, Boss GE-7, DryBell Vibe-Machine and Foxgear Echosex


    A slightly driven Laney tube amp with a 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s.


  • Self-Taught Artist

    1992 - Present

    Artist 'by Accident'.